Trees and plants not rendered correctly on second computer

When I open a lands rhino file with all trees and plants from one computer to another, they do not render correctly on the second computer in rendered mode. All plants and trees are all white placards. See attached image.

But when I open the same file on the original computer where it was created, it renders correctly.

It there something that I need to do on other computers for the plants and trees to render correctly?

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Hi Steven,
this happens because the texture images used by the tree materials are not available in the second computer.
You have two options to solve it:

1) In the original computer, save the 3dm file with the "Save textures" option enabled. This will solve the problem, but I don't like this option because textures path are changed to a temporal folder. If you are just sharing the 3dm file, it's ok, but if you expect to return it back to the original computer to keep working on it, I prefer the second option:

2) In the second computer, after opening the 3dm file, update the species realistic representation. To do so, select a species in the Lands Edit Panel and, in its properties, click on the Update button shown next to the realistic representation preview (the nXt file):

This will regenerate the materials and their texture files. Make sure that the assigned nXt file exists in the second computer. If you have costumized it in the original computer you will need to manually copy it to the second computer.

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