The Eucaplyts in the tree database are the wrong trees.......??

I'm a landscape architecture masters student at uni of Melbourne. 

I just installed the trial version. But, as I live in Australia, and my studio class at the moment involves landscape planning around open grassy woodlands I need some Eucalypt Trees.

So, I go to the tree library and the Eucalyptus camaldulensis is a conical, conifer shape with maple shaped leaves! All the other eucaplypts have the wrong tree as well. Is there any reason for this? Just a placeholder is all i can think of. I am investigating creating my own eucalypts by loading in purchased 3d models. But that will be a time consuming work around.
let me know --


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Hi Andrew,
our plant database has 1800+ species, but we don't have a specific representation for each one.
When the preview picture is shown in black and white in the plant database it means that Lands can not find a specific file for that species and is using the default representation.

In the case of the 2D representation, there is a single default 3dm file.

For the 3D conceptual, detailed and realistic representations, we have 10 different default representations, and the choice is based on the field "Shape" in the database.
They are a last resource and are intended to be reasonably similar to the real plant. But the goal is that they aren't used because every plant has its own specific representation. We hope to extend, over time, the list of plants with a specific representation.

Thanks for the reply.
There are 1800 species names but not 1800 species models.
Yes they are just place holders you will update in the future.
One problem is that it looks up a google image of the tree and then represents a vastly different 3d model. Very confusing. I guess thats a problem we have living on the other side of the planet. The trees are different.
bset wishes

I see, thanks for your feedback. If it is so confusing maybe we should try to show it in another way.

Can you take a screenshot of what are you seeing and indicate the images that are more confusing under your viewpoint?
Since we have several kinds of representations, I want ensure that me and you are talking about the same.

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