Lands design open for render engines like Vray for Rhino?

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Thank you very much! the program is excellent! paul from Argentina

can someone please explain the workflow to work with Vray Proxy .. I have tried and the try just come out black once I convert to Proxy.



Albert Rodríguez said:

If you mean if you can use VRay-Proxies with Lands Design, the answer is yes with a simple workaround. Just insert and save them in 3dm files and you will be able to use them in plants, fences, rows, etc.

Micha said:

Now it's complete, the last nightly build of VfR 1.5 support Rhino transparency maps and maps with alpha channel. :)

The public is released!!! :)

Hi Micha,
Do you remember when you talked to Chaos Group team to solve a problem reading the Rhino material transparency maps?

We have now a similar problem in VRay 3.6:
When a transparency map is present, it looks like VRay takes from it not only the opacity, but also the color, causing the material rendering in White.
If a transparency map is not present, it looks like VRay ignores the alpha compenent of the Color map. So, there is no way to get the Lands plants rendered properly.

It would be great if you could report it again. Here is an image that evidence the problem:

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