Google Earth is not installed in this machine.


My problem is I wanted to use Import Google Earth Elevation Data option, but as soon as I click on this button there is information: "Google Earth is not installed in this machine." What could be the problem? I reinstalled my Rhino 5 twice, also Land Design and Google Earth.

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The problem is that Google has decided to remove the COM API from Google Earth. Google Earth 5.2 is the latest version which include it. This is the API used by Lands Design to connect with Google Earth, so it is not going to work on recent versions of Google Earth.

Fortunately you can still download a previous version of Google Earth from the Google website. During the download there is an "Advanced configuration" link which open new options, including an option to download a previous version. Uninstall your current version and then download and install the old one.

Of course this is going to be a temporary solution until we adapt Lands Design to the Google Earth javascript API.

Can you leave a Google Earth 5.2 Download address?\
Thank you!

I also want to use the import google earth elevation data option, however I'm experiencing the same problem as Cezary: "Google Earth is not installed in this machine." Even though I am using an old version of Google Earth (4.2).

Is it the case that it will only work with google earth version 5.2?

I tried downloading version 5.2 from the google website, unfortunately the oldest version currently available is 7.0.

I would be very grateful for any help or advice regarding this issue.

Yes, you need Google Earth 5.2
Though the available versions appear as "7.1" and "7.0", if you download and install the "7.0" one you will find that, in fact, it is the 5.2.

To make it easier, I've uploaded here the latest Google Earth that can run with Lands Design:

Thank You very much!
For Your replies and interests, after installing 5.2 version everything seems to be okay! ;)

Same for me, everything's running smoothly now with the 5.2 version, so thanks very much for that!

Here is the direct link to the compatible version installer from Google servers:

Hi everyone
I installed the latest version of GE but the notification (Google Earth is not installed in this machine) still appear.
Do you have any new solution for this problem?
Thanks a lot for your help

Hi Gaspare,
the latest version of Google Earth does not allow third party applications to get elevation data from the earth surface.
You should install an older version instead. In the above reply there is a direct link. (Hope Google haven't changed the version to which it is pointing to).

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